Uber macOS

Uber macOS

Hello my fellows,

Today I’m delighted to announce an astonishing hobby project which I’m working on in spare time 🔥

I admit I’m a lazy boy. To embrace to time-consume tasks or general obstacles, I usually find out the efficient way to accomplish it. I remembered the day I was in Hanoi, at Coffee House. After a long day hard working, I decided to go home.

I was struggled to get a Uber car. All of the things I need are:

  1. Grab a phone from my pocket.
  2. Find an app.
  3. Open Uber and waiting for initialization.
  4. Select the desired destination.
  5. Waiting … 😪
  6. Waiting …
  7. An Uber guy accepts my request.
  8. Waiting …
  9. Waiting for his call for pickup confirmation.
  10. Check his position frequency.
  11. Waiting for a miracle.
  12. Finally, after little time trying to open the phone, check, and close the app. I get into a car.

It often drives me nuts 😪.

🚗 At the end of a trip, an unexpected idea pulled out from my head, I realized Uber APIs 🚀 had been published publicly since a year. I made a decision to port it to macOS flatform by myself.

And now, it’s almost done : >

Check it out

❤️ Homepage &  Github 🤗