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Responsive Interaction Categories

  Hi everyone, finally, I’ve just released some stuffs. These customize controls and categories was inspired by Google Material Design. If you’ve not heard what Google Martial Design is. Please take a moment to review what is does. Here is useful link for you : Google Martial Design Google Material Design As you see, Martial Design cove many awesome thing for our. Include … Read More

Filter Me: Color Lookup Table – Part 2

Hi, We will pick up right where we left off in Part one. In the last part, I covered to use curve file which was built by Photoshop, and how to apply it to your photo. And now, we will deal with advanced technique. Applying many complex curve and selective-color to turn your photo to beautiful photo ever. Standard approach … Read More

Filter me: Tone Curve – Part 1

Hello guy, in this blog we will discuss some technique for filtering photo like instagram. Nowaday, If you take a tour around AppStore, you will realize more than 80% app which has filter photo or video ability. This is the must-have featured in your app especially social app or photo video editor app. If you are fresh developer like me before, … Read More