Rocket Loader Collection


Hi everyone, this is long time i haven’t written any post in my blog. So i decide i need to PR my awesome open source which i implemented it few months ago.

Almost of them are inspired by Tim Holman’s collection .


I publish this project in github :

And it’s under MIT license, so feel free to reuse it ;]

How to use

If you are fresher or senior iOS dev, i swear that you have hear MBProgressHUD one time at least.

All of loader in Rocket Loader Collection is so similar with MBProgressHUB. Just use few code line, and leave the rest to Rocket. It will be done for you ;]

What’s inside




Rolling Loader



Equalizer Loader

EqualizerLoaderHourglass Loader

HourGlassLoaderWifihub Loader – from Wifi Chua

WifiHubLoaderThree Dots Glow

TheeDotGlowVietnam Loader

VietnamLoaderLoading Box

LoadingBoxTen Dots Loader




I really really love to hear your voice about my collection. Any pull-request in Github will be approved if it make my collection better.

Thanks for reading.




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