Responsive Interaction Categories


Hi everyone, finally, I’ve just released some stuffs.

These customize controls and categories was inspired by Google Material Design.

If you’ve not heard what Google Martial Design is. Please take a moment to review what is does.

Here is useful link for you : Google Martial Design

Google Material Design

As you see, Martial Design cove many awesome thing for our. Include Animation, design, layout, pattern… It’s useful things for you as iOS developer.

Do you recognize these animation is just for Android dev ? In the reusable world, everything android has, iOS should be too.


If you need more further information or how to add it to your app.

Feel free to download and reuse comfortable.


What’s inside

UILabe – Responsive Interaction Category

Just include UILabel+ResponsiveInteration category to your app.

Call** [myLabel activeResponsiveInteraction]. Don’t need to subclass UILabel. One method for active or disable effect.

When use touch or hover their finger, these UILabel will be lifted up, make they notice than more.


UIButton – Responsive Interaction Category

Very similar above, but these effect don’t affect Button’s Target-Action pattern.


Radial Button

A subclass of UIButton. You can combine many button to one button.


Ripple Button

This control was inspired with Surface Reaction Effect by Google.


Get confused about technical side ?

If you have any question about technical side, just drop your question below, I will reply you soon ;]

Thank for using this.