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[Github] FeSlideFilter

FeSlideFilterView Preview your photo after applying filter real-time. Just use your touch. FeSpringFlowLayout use UIKit Dynamics to implement. So You must ensure your project has iOS version more than iOS 7.0. And compatible with ARC or non-ARC. Github How to use FeSlideFilter use Data Source / Delgate pattern like UITableView. Just provide filtered UIImage and Title for each Filter.

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[Github] FeSpringFlowLayout

  FeSpringFlowLayout Inspired from Message App. Custom UICollectionViewFlowLayout with UIDynamicAnimator to simulate “spring” behavior. Github How to use


[Github] FeSpinner – Rocket-Loader-Collection

  FeSpinner The collection Spinner for iOS app. Inspired from Behance and Dribbble The best custom control instead of old-fashion Apple’s loader. Github Showcase **Equalizer Loader** **Hourglass Loader** ![GIF]( **Wifihub Loader** : Here is loader which i created for my friend few month ago. Wifi Chùa – ![GIF]( **Threedots Glow** ![GIF]( **Vietnam Loader** ![GIF]( **Loading Box Loader** ![GIF]( **Ten Dots … Read More