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Fe Slide Filter View

Hi everybody as an iOS developer like me ;]

I have just released my customize control in GitHub.


Here video as sample :


FeSlideFilter was build on top UIView. I combine UIScrollView with paging for title filter, and Mask layer technique. Here is what’s going on:

  • Subclass UIView
  • Using UIScrollView with paging for title filter
  • Using LUT filter technique for apply effect to photo
  • Conform UIScrollViewDelegate for interactive control – slide filter by your touch.
  • Using Layer’s mask technique for implementing two-side previewer.
  • Provide own delegate and datasource.


FeSlideFilterView is under MIT license.

Feel free to do whatever you like ;]

If you use my control in your app, jut please tell me know ^_^

Question & Answer

I’m very glad if you drop a comment and discuss about this control. If something you don’t understand after taking a deep surgery about my control. Give me question, and I will reply soon.

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