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Diff in iOS [Part 2]

Hi, it’s part 2 of my LCS series. Hope you have a great day ūüėá In this blog, I would like to cover how we can apply LCS (aka. Diff) into iOS Development. It’s so boring if I¬†keep writing blog with “deep” theory, and no place for enjoying. Before diving, we should try a real problem I ensure everybody will … Read More

Longest Common Subsequence Diff [Part 1]

Hi, Today is totally¬†perfect day to start a new¬†series of Algorithm blog. Since I’ve learned data structure & algorithm to prepare for¬†next interview. I learnt tons of new amazing things, so I decide to write something for anyone who interesting¬†ūüėČ Longest Common Subsequence (aka Diff) is classic problem in computer science. We’re using it everyday, but we didn’t¬†notice. It also … Read More