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Proxyman: Modern and Delightful HTTP Debugging Proxy on macOS 💎

Hey guys, I’m so excited to introduce you Proxyman ( Modern and Delightful HTTP Debugging Proxy on macOS ♥️ Proxyman is a native, high-performance macOS application, which enables developers to observe and manipulate HTTP/HTTPS requests. Features ✅ Intercept HTTP/HTTPS (SSL) requests. Support iOS simulator and iOS and Android device. Websocket debugging. Modern and intuitive UI. Exclusively built for macOS. Basic debugging tools: … Read More – Data Visualization

Hi everyone. Today is the last time I’ve worked at feels. I decided to spend whole weekend to do experiment which I haven’t done before. I remember to, popular opensource published by Uber. Why don’t we get a try ? 😉 I tried installing, MapBox, implement some code, take a deep understand in GLSL. Tried to visualize VisaH1B static, … Read More

Diff in iOS [Part 2]

Hi, it’s part 2 of my LCS series. Hope you have a great day 😇 In this blog, I would like to cover how we can apply LCS (aka. Diff) into iOS Development. It’s so boring if I keep writing blog with “deep” theory, and no place for enjoying. Before diving, we should try a real problem I ensure everybody will … Read More

Longest Common Subsequence Diff [Part 1]

Hi, Today is totally perfect day to start a new series of Algorithm blog. Since I’ve learned data structure & algorithm to prepare for next interview. I learnt tons of new amazing things, so I decide to write something for anyone who interesting 😉 Longest Common Subsequence (aka Diff) is classic problem in computer science. We’re using it everyday, but we didn’t notice. It also … Read More

Drop Filter

It’s brand new series about filter on camera. Yeah, actually, it’s 4th blog i’ve written :D. So I sure there is question in your mind. Why only mention about filter camera ? Why don’t you write another things, such as algorithm or common mistake when developing app or anything else ? Yup, The answer is so simple, because i really love it :D, … Read More

Filter Me: Texture & Blend Modem – Part 3

  In two previous parts of Filter Me series tutorial, I covered some useful technique for applying a filter to photo. Here is a shortcut for you: Part 1 and Part 2. If you a new guy, I strongly recommend you should spend couple hours for reading Part 1 and part 2, and ensure you have some knowledge about Core … Read More

Handmade Code: FeSlideFilterView

Fe Slide Filter View Hi everybody as an iOS developer like me ;] I have just released my customize control in GitHub. Here video as sample : Technical FeSlideFilter was build on top UIView. I combine UIScrollView with paging for title filter, and Mask layer technique. Here is what’s going on: Subclass UIView Using UIScrollView with paging for title filter Using … Read More

Handmade Code: Parallax Table View – Part 1

This is the first blog about crafting customize control from scratch that I call with epic name “Handmade code” ;] Something to talk about UI / UX Have you ever downloaded & opened a famous iOS app like Page by FB or something else ? Have you surprised or realized that these app never use “old-fashion” Apple’s control ? Today is a new generation … Read More

Filter Me: Color Lookup Table – Part 2

Hi, We will pick up right where we left off in Part one. In the last part, I covered to use curve file which was built by Photoshop, and how to apply it to your photo. And now, we will deal with advanced technique. Applying many complex curve and selective-color to turn your photo to beautiful photo ever. Standard approach … Read More

Filter me: Tone Curve – Part 1

Hello guy, in this blog we will discuss some technique for filtering photo like instagram. Nowaday, If you take a tour around AppStore, you will realize more than 80% app which has filter photo or video ability. This is the must-have featured in your app especially social app or photo video editor app. If you are fresh developer like me before, … Read More