About Me

Hi! I’m Nghia Tran (aka Noah).

I’m am ordinary guy who can code in spare time for Proxyman (Modern and Delightful HTTP Debugging Proxy)

I also write blog as well as working on few pet projects.

Keep in touch with me at vinhnghiatran[at]gmail[dot]com.

Pet Projects

Some current and past pet-projects:

  • Proxyman: : Proxyman is a native, high-performance macOS application, which enables developers to observe and manipulate HTTP/HTTPS requests.
  • Uber macOS: Obviously, you’ve already known what it’s, right?
  • Titan: PostgreSQL client for macOS/iOS. Clean architecture, clean design. Absolutely 100% free and open-source. (in progress).
  • iOS-awesome-starter-kit 2016: The perfect combination: Clean Swift + ReSwift + PromiseKit.
  • FeSpinner 2015: ~1.2k star. A collection of custom spinners. Inspiration from various authors I found on Dribble and Behance.
  • Responsive-Interaction-Control 2015: Bring Android L’s animation to iOS.
  • FeSlideFilter 2014: Apply photo-filter by your fingers.


  • [Runner-up prize] at EdTech Hanoi 2016. We built a VirtualBook. It’s an open platform where people can contribute/submit their knowledge as lectures/slides in supported 3D VR models and others can use them for educational purposes.
  • [Fail] at Hack&Roll 2016 – 24 hours Hackathon base in NUS, Singapore. Got a scholarship for a free trip from Vietnam. Unfortunately, the first plan was failed (tried to build indoor-location GPS by 12 pieces of Estimote device). So I and Huy came up with AwesomeButton. Inspired from “In case of fire … #Git #Commit”. We built from Photon + IFTTT + Raspberry pi + mobile. Things we can found at Hack&Roll’s warehouse. We aimed Useless-Stuff prize, but there is a team built a special pin which “more” useless than ours 😀
  • [Fail] at HCMC Hackathon Vietnam 2014. We built an Online ticket booking service. The best things we built is integrated with Passbook in iOS. Allow people to check-in easier.
  • [Third Prize] at Vietnam Mobile Hackathon 2013. Within 24h, we built StoMo, mean StopMotion. We implemented all things from scratch. Allow us to take a bunch of photos, compose it and render high-quality video. Interestingly enough, we use StoMo to make a short video at the last hour of Hackathon 😀
  • [Second Prize] at Mobile Got Talent – VTC Academy 2012. It’s the first time I attended a competition. I built ILoveQuote with clean design, hundred inspiration quote, and beautiful background.

Things I’ve talked about iOS and Swift:

  • iOS-Awesome-Kickstarter-Kit: A presentation to share how the startup can ship the first prototype quickly. Built on by strong base-foundation by perfect combination: CleanSwift + PromiseKit + ReSwift. Easily to change, extend, improve the features. I also mention a real problem with MVC and common mistakes when building a project.
  • Build iOS for 24-hours: TekTalk extends to Hanoi city. I and my friend create small meet-up and help the people to build an iOS app. We cover from design and bring it to the real app step by step.
  • iOS Best Practice: The first time I’ve been a speaker at TekTalk community. Take a look at best practice for iOS developer. It’s real problem I encounter when developing feels app. Make a benchmark for each problem: Such as Caching Manager, Pre-heating, Priority-Image download queue, IMGIX. Implemented basic “Source of truth” for State-management and combine with KVO
  • Clean Swift Architecture at Hanoi: A short talk to demonstrate advantages about Clean Swift Architecture under start-up environment.
  • Diff Algorithm & Practice Vietnam Swift 2017: Discuss LCS, Diff and applying on UITableView/UICollectionView