About Me

Hi! I’m Nghia Tran (aka Noah).

I’m an iOS craftsman, I’ve spent most of my time to developed feels flatform at feels for 3 years.

I really love reading Medium and HN at each morning before working. I’m an active member and speaker of TekTalk and Swift Vietnam community who have passions to share my knowledge for everyone, make friends and enrich the quality of iOS developer in HCMC.

I also write blog, do small pet project, and learn Piano at AnCoong Music Center 🎹

Keep in touch with me at vinhnghiatran[at]gmail[dot]com

Current job

  • I’ve been a second employee at feels for 3 years. Feels is a largest on-demand influence and branded content marketing platform.

Feels Headquarter bases at London. Today, we grow up dramatically to 9 people around the world. 4 technical members in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (I’m here 🤗). And 5 members in London (My Boss – Dawson here 😎)

I’m responsible to develop and implement all features in feels app. There are a lot of things I’ve encountered and resolved by myself at all. Such as authentication, state-management, record segments-video, caching, MVVM, OAuth with socials, networking, and various minor things to be combined together into the perfect social app.

I’ve spent for 1 years to take a step into front-end world. Pixel, and my.feels.com with Thang, Hieu, Huy – our talent teammate. We’ve learned tons of amazing tool from Hieu, such as ReactFB, Redux,… and tried to experiment Golang, implement minor features from back-end side.

Working under high pressure, take 100% responsibility to developer iOS app, delivery good product on time for each 3-4 days, try and do trial and error for particular problems, build company cultural for engaging member, encouraged to apply new technology, share iOS topic monthly, make friends at iOS HCM community and sharing my knowledge for beginners.

All are valuable, unique opportunities I learned at feels. 😍

Pet Projects

Some current and past pet-projects:

  • Uber macOS: Obviously, you’ve already known what it’s, right?
  • Titan: PostgreSQL client for macOS/iOS. Clean architecture, clean design. Absolutely 100% free and open-source. (in progress).
  • iOS-awesome-starter-kit 2016: The perfect combination: Clean Swift + ReSwift + PromiseKit.
  • FeSpinner 2015: ~1.2k star. A collection of custom spinners. Inspiration from various authors I found on Dribble and Behance.
  • Responsive-Interaction-Control 2015: Bring Android L’s animation to iOS.
  • FeSlideFilter 2014: Apply photo-filter by your fingers.


  • [Runner-up prize] at EdTech Hanoi 2016. We built a VirtualBook. It’s an open platform where people can contribute/submit their knowledge as lectures/slides in supported 3D VR models and others can use them for educational purposes.
  • [Fail] at Hack&Roll 2016 – 24 hours Hackathon base in NUS, Singapore. Got a scholarship for a free trip from Vietnam. Unfortunately, the first plan was failed (tried to build indoor-location GPS by 12 pieces of Estimote device). So I and Huy came up with AwesomeButton. Inspired from “In case of fire … #Git #Commit”. We built from Photon + IFTTT + Raspberry pi + mobile. Things we can found at Hack&Roll’s warehouse. We aimed Useless-Stuff prize, but there is a team built a special pin which “more” useless than ours 😀
  • [Fail] at HCMC Hackathon Vietnam 2014. We built an Online ticket booking service. The best things we built is integrated with Passbook in iOS. Allow people to check-in easier.
  • [Third Prize] at Vietnam Mobile Hackathon 2013. Within 24h, we built StoMo, mean StopMotion. We implemented all things from scratch. Allow us to take a bunch of photos, compose it and render high-quality video. Interestingly enough, we use StoMo to make a short video at the last hour of Hackathon 😀
  • [Second Prize] at Mobile Got Talent – VTC Academy 2012. It’s the first time I attended a competition. I built ILoveQuote with clean design, hundred inspiration quote, and beautiful background.

Things I’ve talked about iOS and Swift:

  • iOS-Awesome-Kickstarter-Kit: A presentation to share how the startup can ship the first prototype quickly. Built on by strong base-foundation by perfect combination: CleanSwift + PromiseKit + ReSwift. Easily to change, extend, improve the features. I also mention a real problem with MVC and common mistakes when building a project.
  • Build iOS for 24-hours: TekTalk extends to Hanoi city. I and my friend create small meet-up and help the people to build an iOS app. We cover from design and bring it to the real app step by step.
  • iOS Best Practice: The first time I’ve been a speaker at TekTalk community. Take a look at best practice for iOS developer. It’s real problem I encounter when developing feels app. Make a benchmark for each problem: Such as Caching Manager, Pre-heating, Priority-Image download queue, IMGIX. Implemented basic “Source of truth” for State-management and combine with KVO
  • Clean Swift Architecture at Hanoi: A short talk to demonstrate advantages about Clean Swift Architecture under start-up environment.
  • Diff Algorithm & Practice Vietnam Swift 2017: Discuss LCS, Diff and applying on UITableView/UICollectionView